Safety First at our Precast Concrete Manufacturing Plant is our priority 

Since 17 July 2014 we have maintained and been a member of the Georgia Drug Free Work Place program .  

Safety Statement
At Bates Precast Concrete Inc., safety is regarded as a fundamental value of the organization and without exception, is the responsibility of every employee at all levels.
 The Safety Statement is the basis by which Bates Precast Concrete will do business. At Bates Precast Concrete, the prevention of accidents and injuries is of such importance that safety will be given first consideration at all times.
 Bates Precast Concrete intends to comply with all applicable safety regulations and expects the same from its employees. 
Bates Precast Concrete also expects its employees to be rested, substance free, and emotionally able to make prudent decisions regarding safety and job tasks. 
Every employee must report to work ready to safely perform all job assignments. All employees are responsible to advise their supervisor if they are unfit for duty for any reason. 
Every employee will be expected to maintain safe work habits, safe work conditions, safe equipment, and overall behavior that reflects compliance with the intent of this statement. 
Accidents resulting in personal injury, property damage and loss of equipment-use represent needless suffering and waste. 
The safety of our employees, our operation, and the public is paramount. Every reasonable effort must be made to reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries. 
Safety shall take precedence over expediency or short cuts at all times. Any person who forsakes safety in order to expedite “getting the job done” is neither fulfilling the intent of this statement nor abiding by company policy. This company’s most valuable asset is its employees. 
Each employee is empowered to take immediate action to eliminate unsafe conditions in the workplace. All unsafe acts or conditions must be reported and corrected immediately. 
Please work safely