At Bates Precast we believe that  Safety and Service is key and that quality ingredients and knowledgeable  employees are necessary to manufacture quality products.  
 We value experience as well as education. 
     Our customers include Georgia Power, Federal Aviation Authority, GDOT, Clay Electric,  
 Gresco, Lowndes County, and the City of Lake City along with numerous construction  
 companies, plumbing companies, electrical contractors and individuals in Alabama, Florida as  well as Georgia.  We have had products delivered as far as upstate New York.
     Our products can be found at numerous airports around the USA, many schools, and thousands of back yards.  
     Our ability to provide excellent service along with a quality product while maintaining a  
 competitive price on small jobs as well as large, has helped us maintain a 95% repeat  
 customer base.
  More Photos of our products can be found on our facebook page. 
Bates Precast Concrete Inc
6431 Ocean Pond Ave
Lake Park, GA 31636 
Phone            229-559-0004 
Fax                  229-559-8741 
 TOLL FREE  877-550-0004 

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